Parallel Inspection Training in Arizona

ITA is the only school in Arizona to be licensed by the Arizona State Board of Postsecondary Education to provide parallel inspection training in Arizona.

30 Parallel Inspections

A certified home inspector in the State of Arizona is required to complete 30 parallel inspections with a licensed home inspector. Inspection Training of Arizona will coordinate with participating inspection companies throughout the valley to help you fulfill this very valuable training.

Field training consists of actual home inspections; up to four students may attend with one inspector. The student will observe all the various visible and accessible systems and components in the home and its exterior. They will also have the opportunity to observe how the inspector interacts with the clients, seller, and real estate agents and how information about the home is conveyed through the inspection report.

The students will be required to fill out their inspection report forms as they follow the inspector around the property.

Even if your state does not require parallel inspections for licensing, time spent on field inspections can significantly enhance a student’s understanding of the whole process.

Parallel Inspection Pricing

All Parallel Students will receive a parallel training vest, code check (for those students not attending our classroom course) and ITA’s inspection report forms.

ITA Students (Classroom or Webinar students)

$75 Per Inspection (If all 30 parallels are conducted with ITA) – $2250 Total (Save $1500!)

$100 Per Inspection (If all parallels ARE NOT conducted with ITA)

ITA Student (Online Students)

$100 Per Inspection – $3000 (Save $750)

Non ITA Students:

$125 Per Inspection (*After a required in-person Test Prep/Review course detailed within the Courses Tab)