Arizona State Board of Technical Registration Licensing Requirements for Home Inspectors

The State of Arizona Requires:

Complete a Minimum of 84 Hours of Approved Home Inspection Education

ITA is licensed by the Arizona State Board of Private Postsecondary Education to offer a 96.5-hour Full Residential Home Inspection class and our full parallel inspection training program. ITA is the only school in Arizona that provides parallels while being postsecondary approved!

Pass the National Home Inspector Exam

Test Prep Class – Our class will get you ready for the National Home Inspector Examination.

Complete the Required Parallel Inspections Under the Supervision of a Licensed Arizona Home Inspector

Parallel inspections are offered at a reduced rate to our Full Residential Inspection graduates. ITA is the ONLY school in Arizona licensed by the Arizona State Board of Postsecondary Education to offer Parallel Inspection Training!! Contact our office for more information.

Maintain and File with the BTR One of the Following:

1) Errors and Omissions Insurance of $200,000 in the Aggregate and $100,000 Per Occurrence;

2) A $25,000 Bond or Proof of Assets in That Amount;

3) An Alternate Financial Assurance Mechanism Approved by the BTR With a Value of at Least $25,000.

ITA maintains a list of insurance providers available upon request.

Submission of Home Inspector Application and Fees

Assistance in the application process (not including application fees)

*If you are looking to become an inspector in another state, please check with your state’s governing board for your state requirements, or you may contact our office for assistance.