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       100 hours – 13 Chapter Series for Residential Home Inspection plus 8 hours for Pool and Spa Training   – $700

Welcome to Inspection Training of Arizona’s Online Course for students looking for quality training with a more flexible experience. All below classes consist of professionally recorder lectures, interactive questionnaires, on-site training videos and much more! Every course series comes with the entire reviewed slideshow within the video presentations for additional studying and comprehension.  After completing each video training, a required chapter quiz will be provided that will continue building each student’s education and further grow their understandings of all topics!

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Chapter 1 - Intro to Home Inspections

Video with Exam – 7 Hours



Understanding the client expectations, business start processes, marketing choices and the national requirements has NEVER been so crucial in this ever expanding Home Inspector profession! Taking students through a step by step introduction, this course will begin the foundation to building a future successful home inspection career!

Chapter 2 - Exteriors

Video with Exam – 9 Hours



Easily visible and incredibly important, the exterior materials on every property deserve a professionally trained eye and a thorough inspection! Reviewing various exterior siding materials and other common exterior components, this chapter will provide the necessary  tools needed to ensure your client is fully educated surrounding the exteriors!

Chapter 3 - Roofing

Video with Exam – 8 Hours


No matter the weather, climate or season, the roofing materials must be designed to last against the toughest conditions. Breaking down numerous roof covering materials and potential drainage systems, this chapter prepares the students for common roof materials, defects and even their concerning implications!


Chapter 4 - Structures

Video with Exam – 9 Hours


Let’s start from the ground up! Structural concerns can be the most problematic and intimidating items for any inspector’s client! This series will focus on foundations, wall framing and attic framing in a way easy to understand and (almost more importantly) easy to explain to all clients alike!


Chapter 5 - Insulation & Ventilation

Video with Exam – 8 Hours


Uncomfortable temperatures may make any client unhappy! Whether it’s a hot Arizona day or a freezing Michigan evening, inspectors need to properly educate their client on deficiencies that could effect them year long! Let’s explore materials and installations that will ensure every property inspected is efficiently heated and cooled!


Chapter 6 - Interiors

Video with Exam – 7.5 Hours


More than just cosmetic, the interior components serve as a crucial part of any residential structure! Discussing common defects and materials with flooring, walls, ceilings and many other interior
components, this series teaches the inspector how to address observations and conditions found inside every property inspected!


Chapter 7 - Electrical

Video with Exam – 9.5 Hours


Often an intimidating subject, our goal is to elaborate the electrical systems found on all residential properties in a manner simple to learn and simple to explain! Safety always comes first but that start’s with proper knowledge! From the main electrical wires – down to the common outlet receptacle, get ready for a shocking class experience!

Chapter 8 - Gas Furnaces

Video with Exam – 7 Hours


Gas furnaces can be found all throughout the country and within many different property designs! As a professionally trained home inspector, our job is to ensure proper and safe operation! Through
thorough training, this course will prepare you for all the heating topics, components and problems you may discover!

Chapter 9 - Oil Furnaces

Video with Exam – 4 Hours


Powerful and efficient but often dated, oil furnaces need to operate safely and appropriately! While some areas may find these furnaces rare, a thorough understanding is always important! Whether it’s the oil tank or the oil burner components, home inspectors need to be trained for any heating challenge their faced with!

Chapter 10 - Hot Water Boilers

Video with Exam – 4.5 Hours


A heating system that’s been around since the mid-1800s, hot water boilers can be found on residential properties all throughout the United States. Detailing common radiators, baseboard heaters and even radiant floor heating, this chapter explores one of history’s first modern heating systems!

Chapter 11 - Other Aspects of Heating

Video with Exam – 7.5 Hours


Chimneys, fireplaces, electrical furnaces, baseboard heaters
and heat recovery vents are only some of the vast topics presented within this
chapter. When heating systems have never been more diverse, it is that much
more critical to have a confident and professionally trained inspector on site!

Chapter 12 - AC Units & Heat Pumps

Video with Exam – 6 Hours


The modern air conditioning system utilizes simple concepts in an incredible way! Using topics and understanding gained through prior chapter series, this complicated system can be easily understood and inspected! Let’s review Air Conditioning units, Heat Pumps and even Evaporative coolers!

Chapter 13 - Plumbing

Video with Exam – 8 Hours


Fixtures and faucets! Materials and connections! The plumbing world has some of the most important systems any residential property can have. A professional inspector needs to know exactly what component are present and the conditions that would allow proper functionality!

Pool & Spa Course

Video with Exam – 8 hours


Let’s dive in! This course will not only ensure you are confident and knowledgeable with Pool and Spa conditions and features but will also meet the required training for your Arizona Home Inspection Application. 


*Please note, a separate certificate will be independently given for pool and spa training once the required quiz is passed. Both Full Residential Home Inspections and Pool and Spa Inspection certificates will be needed for your state application

Completion Video

Video with Exam – 5 Hours



In this final series we will be discussing crucial items regarding the last few steps needed for a home inspection license! After reviewing software solutions, the application process and parallel procedures, the final exam completion will provide students with their certificate from ITAZ!

With your course completion, please see HERE for the current Arizona Board of Technical Registration requirements as well as below for some provided links for your convenience!

Final Notes

Congratulations on your course completion! Please be sure to view our online class calendar and course options for additional training value (including the Manufactured and Modular Homes, The National Home Inspection Exam Test Prep course and our Commercial Inspection series). Please do not hesitation to contact us with any questions, concerns or feedback you may have! Thank you again for choosing Inspection Training of Arizona!

With your course completion, please see HERE for the current Arizona Board of Technical Registration requirements as well as below for some provided links for your convenience!